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World Blood Donor Day: How You Can Make a Difference

Since June 14, 2005, World Blood Donor Day has aimed to raise the global awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products for national health systems. This June 14, we encourage our community to donate blood in order to save lives, improve health and the quality of life of patients throughout the city, state and beyond.

2021 World Blood Donor Day

This year, world blood donor day will be hosted in Rome, Italy. The slogan for this year's campaign is "Give Blood and Keep the World Beating" which highlights the essential contribution that blood donors make to save lives. World Blood Donor Day reinforces the importance of people across the globe to donate blood regularly and contribute to better health for themselves and others.

Donate Blood Today

Donating blood saves lives and there's no end to the benefits of donating blood for the recipients. According to the American Red Cross, every 2 seconds someone in the United States needs blood and one donation can save as many as three lives. Blood is something that cannot be manufactured, which is why blood donations are important in safeguarding patients' lives.  

We would like to invite you to donate blood in celebration of World Blood Donor Day. Your support and continual involvement will allow blood donors to realize that giving blood is life-saving and ensures that healthcare systems across the globe have adequate supply. If you're interested in donating blood or would like to learn more about hosting a blood drive in the community – contact us today!

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