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An Update on South Bend Medical Foundation's Relationship with LabCorp

Updated: May 3

South Bend Medical Foundation

In late 2019, South Bend Medical Foundation sold a portion of its business to the Laboratory Corporation of America (or LabCorp). In the intervening time, we've become aware of a certain misunderstanding of the existing relationship between South Bend Medical Foundation (SBMF) and LabCorp. We just wanted to write a short post clarifying the relationship as it stands today. 

The most important thing to clarify is that LabCorp did not acquire SBMF in its entirety. While the two organizations do cohabitate in some shared buildings, they are still separate. The 2019 sale only passed the diagnostic clinical laboratory testing assets to LabCorp. While that did constitute a large portion of SBMF at the time of the sale, it allowed us to refocus our services back onto our core expertise in pathology and blood banking.  

To reiterate, the clinical laboratory arm of SBMF has passed over to LabCorp, but South Bend Medical Foundation, as a separate organization, still manages the pathology and blood bank services. 

The South Bend Medical Foundation was established in 1910. Since then, we've been committed to providing South Bend and surrounding areas with the highest quality pathology laboratory testing services possible. Our founders understood the importance of having exacting, local pathology labs and services as well as blood banking available to doctors and patients; today, the pathologists at SBMF are just as committed to providing those same services to our community as our founders were over a hundred years ago.  

SBMF has built our reputation on providing high-quality service to our customers and being on the leading-edge of service: including acting as a field-testing site for the polio vaccine in 1954 and becoming one of the nation's first fully computerized medical labs in 1989. 

Things may have changed, but our commitment to our community and our dedication to being the South Bend Medical Foundation is unwavering, which is why we will continue being the premier pathology and blood bank partner for the Michiana area.

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