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Do I need an appointment to have blood drawn?

South Bend Medical Foundation operates on a first come/first served basis for blood draws. Appointments are required for certain tests including glucose tolerance, sweat chloride, specialized coagulation, and bone marrow.


Do I need a doctor's order to have my blood drawn?

In most cases, yes. A physician order is needed before any laboratory testing can be performed if you are filing the claim with insurance. South Bend Medical Foundation does offer patient-ordered Direct Testing which can be paid for at the time of the draw, and does not require a physician order. However, Direct Testing cannot be paid with insurance. These tests and instructions for ordering can be found at


What is Direct Testing?

Direct Testing allows you the privacy to order your own routine laboratory tests. Once you receive your results electronically, you can print them, share them with your doctor or simply save them for a comparison for the next time you have labs completed. South Bend Medical Foundation does not submit paperwork to insurance companies; this is a direct patient-to-lab transaction and is completely confidential.

Do I need to see my doctor to order my own tests through Direct Testing?

No, you do not need a doctor’s order to have labs performed with Direct Testing. However, if your results are abnormal, we encourage you to see your physician.

How will I receive my Direct Testing results?

You will receive instructions on how to access your results online through our patient portal, My Lab Results. If you don’t have online access, you can pick up your results at any of our locations. At your request, we will also send test results to your physician.

If a doctor orders two tests do I have to have two needles inserted in my arm?

No, the blood needed for your tests can be obtained by using just one needle.


Can you explain my test results?

Your test results are available to your physician who can make the interpretations for you.

How can I find out my blood type?

Your physician can order this test. You can also have your blood type determined at no cost by donating blood at South Bend Medical Foundation Blood Bank or the Edison Lakes Donor Center. Your pulse, temperature, blood pressure and total cholesterol will be checked free of charge. Your blood donation can help save lives. You can call (574) 234-1157 to make an appointment to donate blood.


Do I need to fast before my blood test?

The answer depends on the test ordered for you. We recommend you ask your physician before coming to the South Bend Medical Foundation to have your blood drawn.

Why are there two charges for my test?

In some cases, such as a biopsy procedure, there is more than one charge because two specimens were taken.


What methods of payment are accepted?

South Bend Medical Foundation accepts personal checks, cash payments, American Express, VISA, Discover and Mastercard.


Why did I get a bill from South Bend Medical Foundation when I was never there?

Your specimen was taken at the physician's office, clinic or hospital and sent to South Bend Medical Foundation for laboratory work.


Who should I call regarding patient billing questions?

(574) 236-7221 or (800) 937-7263

Do you accept my insurance?

We will file all insurances. However, we encourage patients to check with their insurance company as to whether SBMF is in-network. 

How do I find out the cost of my testing?

Our Client Services Department will be happy to help you with test prices. 1-800-950-7263.

How do I set up an account to view my results online? 

At the time of your blood draw, a patient services representative will set you up in the MyLabResults system. You will receive an email with a link to create your own personal account. Once you create your account, you will be able to access your laboratory results at a time that’s convenient for you, day or night.

Can I pickup a copy of my results?

Yes. With a photo ID you can obtain a paper copy of your results at any of our Patient Service Centers.

Can I call in to receive my results verbally over the phone? 

No. SBMF will not provide any patient results over the phone, due to HIPPA regulations.  

Patient can obtain their results by three means: 1. Online through No More Clipboard, 2. A printed copy from one of our Patient Service Centers, 3. Through their ordering physician. 

Should I call in to verify SBMF has received my lab order? 

Yes, we encourage patients to call Client Services prior to your visit. 1-800-950-7263. 

Where do I find your locations and hours of operation? 

Simply click the "Locations" link available on the home page of our Website to view locations and hours of operation.


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